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Added a number of kinescopes hitherto unknown to your humble webmaster.

Released "Kukla, Fran and Ollie - The First Episodes, Vol. 2."
November Released "Kukla, Fran and Ollie - The First Episodes: 1949-54," produced by the Kuklapolitan Website in collaboration with The Burr Tillstrom Copyright Trust.  Finally!
Dropped "Unofficial" from the site's title, as the Burr Tillstrom Copyright Trust has approved the site!
December Added two holiday clips to the main page.
Found some rare KFO fabric, and added it to the Sleepwear page.
May Added Gimbel's brochure to the Paper Items page.
March Added four new photos, including rare color shot from the 50s, to the Photos page.  Thanks, Gommy!
Added uncropped photo of Burr and Tamara Taumanova to Magic Gift of Life article.
December Added Midwest Magazine article with great color photos to the Story page.
October Added Honey Bird to the Kuklapolitan Players page.
September Added ten new photos to the Photos page, and improved the quality of a few others.
August Added clips of KFO's 1969 appearance on Christmas at the Hollywood Palace to the History page.
Equalized Stud Terkel clips on the Audio page to remove excessive bass.
June Added shots of KFO puppets and Kukla and Ollie game from 1962 Toy-O-Rama catalog.
Added rare counterfeit Ollie puppet to the Collectibles page.
Added seven songs to the Audio page.
October Added a nice color shot of the Chicago School from Collier's to the Photos page.
September Added a link to a page on KFO's ratings to the Story page.
August Moved the entire site and got a domain name: kukla.tv - if I've missed anything, please let me know!
July Added a color TV magazine to the TV Guides page and the Photos page.
June Added link to a zip file (18MB) of the entire Christmas album to the Audio page.
Added much better copy of my favorite KFO shot to the Photos page.
April Added trade ad for KFO game.
March Added a cover of Midwest TV magazine.
Got some very rare color photos of the Kuklapolitans on vacation from the Nantucket Historical Association - thanks!
December Found yet another KFO robe for the Sleepwear page.
November Added better version of what is, I think, the best group shot to the Photos page.
September Added short story from The Saturday Evening Post based on KFO: "The Man Who Hated People"
August Added two color photos from the late 60s to the Photos page.
June Added two great new drawings by Jim Engel to the Audio and Video pages - thanks, Jim!
May Finally found the missing Christmas Adventure - on microfilm!  Added it to the Paper Items page.
April Completed the collection of Kuklapolitan Couriers with the first three issues.
March Added pages from Burr's high school yearbook to the History page.
February Replaced more video clips with larger versions, including USDA spots.
Added new photos to the Kuklapolitan Photos page.
December Re-posted "Christmas Adventures of Kukla, Fran and Ollie" (a series of color comics), permanently.
October Added rare shots of Kukla and Ollie puppets and Ollie soap-on-a-rope to the Collectibles page.
August Began replacing video clips with larger versions in new TV sets.
June Re-transferred postcard records with better sound.
May Added Frequently Asked Questions, with great original art!

Added complete list of all films shown on The CBS Children's Film Festival.
April Added rare audio transcriptions of two 1954 KFO shows from ABC to the Audio page.
Added The Amazing Burr Tillstrom to the Story of the Kuklapolitans.
Added more cards to the Christmas Gifts page.
November Added page on Saugutuck's tribute to Burr.
August Added great handbill and NY Times review of Ollie's Town Hall debut to the Paper Items page.
July Added articles to the TV guide covers page.

Added article by Burr on why KFO left NBC for ABC.

Added photo from the early 50s to the Kuklapolitan Photos page.

Added trade advertisement for the Kukla and Ollie theater playset.
June Received two new items from Gommy: A Mother Goose preview record and a large cast photo.

Added rare "Junior Jamboree" postcard.

Added GE Newsletter with photo spread.
May Added "Kuklapolitans invade the kitchen" article to the Story page.
April Added 4 photos to the Photos page, including a large spread from Look magazine. 
Got more server space, finally able to add new pics to the Photos page.

Added Kuklapolitan Sleepwear to the Collectibles page.
December Server problems have prevented updates, but I was able to add a new recording to the Cardboard Records page.
July Added two color public service spots to the Collectibles page.

Added Maurice Seymour protraits of a young Fran to her article.
June Added a 1956 round-robin love letter from Burr to Fran, Joe, Gommy and Beulah.

Added interview with Lewis Gomavitz, KFO's director, and a page of photos from his personal archives.
May Added new collectibles to the Paper Items page, with a link to an audio clip of the first KFO radio show.
April Added excerpt from the KFO chapter of The Great Television Heroes to the Story page.

Added new pictures to the Photos page.
March Added The Case of the Magic Hands article to the Story of the Kuklapolitans.

Added three new Kuklapolitan Couriers and moved them to the Collectibles page.

Added a search engine and a site update notifier.
February Added four color pictures to the Kuklapolitan Photos page.

Added a site map.
Took down the Christmas Adventures 'til next November.
November Re-posted "Christmas Adventures of Kukla, Fran and Ollie," a series of color comics from 1950.  One more adventure will be added each Sunday until Christmas.
September Added Tillstrom and the Kuklapolitans article from Men magazine, a promotional publication distributed by Goodyear Tire dealers.

Added page on Burr's induction into the Television Academy Hall of Fame, with a video clip of the ceremony.
August Fran Allison, This Is Your Life!

Added a page about KFO's appearances in the first tests of color TV, including a clip from the first color broadcast, St. George and the Dragon.
March Added a page about an unused song Stephen Sondheim wrote for KFO in 1952.

Added more color and black-and-white pictures to the Kuklapolitan Photos page.
February Added a number of new items to the Collectibles page.  Be sure and check out the Paper Items, and play the game added to the Coloring Book.

Added clip of Kukla and Ollie hosting The Ford 50th Anniversary Show to the History page.

Took down the Christmas Adventures until next December.
Added an Audio Page for WebTV users.

Added new items to the Kuklapolitan Collectibles page - check out the Halloween Costumes, TV Viewer and Metal Tapping Kit.

Added page explaining how Kukla, Fran and Ollie became so popular with adults.

Added program for Side by Side by Sondheim, starring Kukla, Burr and Ollie.
December Added "Christmas Adventures of Kukla, Fran and Ollie," a series of color comics from 1950.
November Added eight new photos the the Kuklapolitan Photos page.

Replaced most recordings on the Audio page with clean versions (clicks and pops removed).
Replaced "Television Dragon" clip on the Video page with a cleaner, longer version.
August Added two rare 78 rpm recordings to the Audio page:  "Tooie Talk" and "The Cuckoo."
June Added four more articles to The Story of the KuklapolitansAllison in Wonderland, Kukla's Daddy, Our Kuklapolitan Christmas, and Burr's My Neighbor!

Added video clip of the Kuklapolitans' appearance on The Carpenters at Christmas.
May Added page on The CBS Children's Film Festival, with a video clip of the show.
April Added page about the Kuklapolitans on Broadway, featuring an extensive interview with Larry Smith, who worked on the show.

Added ten great close-ups of the troupe to the Kuklapolitan Photos page.

Added LIFE article about viewer protests when KFO is cut back to 15 minutes.

Added TV magazine cover of Kukla and Ollie on The Perry Como Show.
March Added more details about the Kukla and Ollie game.  Check out the rollovers!
February Added the Kuklapolitan Links page, with a great new drawing from Jim Engel.

Added four audio slideshows from Burr's never-released last project, "The Dragon Who Lived Downstairs," to the Kuklapolitan Audio page.  Check out this exclusive presentation!

Added a new Kuklapolitan History graphic, created especially for this site by Jim Engel.
Added six more video clips to the Kuklapolitan Video page.

Added links to the Storybooks from the Kuklapolitan Audio page.

Added the Kuklapolitan Collectibles page.
December Added video clip of Burr's "Berlin Wall" hand ballet to the History page.
November Added link to the new Kukla, Fran and Ollie CD, and a Christmas gift to Bruce's page.

Added photos to the photo gallery, and a glamour shot of Fran to her article
October Replaced 78 rpm versions of "Am I Getting Through to You?" "Kook-la, Frahn and O-lée," and "Dragon Retreat" with much cleaner 45 rpm recordings

Added picture of Toumanava (who named Kukla) to "The Story of The Kuklapolitans" article from the 1951 Yearbook.

Added color shot of Burr, Kukla and Ollie from 1961 Chicago Tribune "TV Week" to "Magic Gift of Life" article.
September Added additional celebrity pictures to fan letter page.

Added shot of Burr backstage to Kuklapolitan Cameraman interview.

Added additional pictures of Fran to "Kukla and Ollie's Real-life Heroine" article.
August Added March 1950 copy of the "Kuklapolitan Courier" to the Story page.

Restored missing opening section to "Mercedes' Growing Pains" video clip.
July Added interview with Kuklapolitan Cameraman Bruce Berquist.
  Replaced Christmas album with cleaner recordings.

Replaced Ted Drake album cover with better version on his page.
June Added list of 700 kinescopes (films) that exist from the early 50s, along with three snapshots taken in 1950 from a home television screen.

Added the History of the Kuklapolitans page.
April Added a personal letter from Burr, donated by a fan, to the "Story of the Kuklapolitans" page.
March Added interview with Ted Drake, along with a new painting done by request for The Unofficial Kuklapolitan Webpage.
Added magazine articles to The Story of the Kuklapolitans page.
November Added RealVideo clips.
September Added Kuklapolitan Memories guestbook.
August Added RealAudio clips and the page's first article.
The Unofficial Kuklapolitan Webpage goes online, with 12 photos and the promise of more.