The H. Davis Toy Corp. of Brooklyn, New York released a number of Kukla and Ollie toys in the early 60s, the most surprising being the hand puppets below.  Burr always said he didn't want his "kids" available commercially, since they were so real to him.  But the puppets below, while somewhat stylized, come quite close to the actual characters (especially Ollie).  They're very rare - only two have turned up on ebay in the last ten years. 

Also released at the same time were doll-making kits and an Ollie soap-on-a-rope (if anyone has Kukla, please let me know).

Two types of dolls were also released: "Puppeteer Dolls," which were lace-up hand puppets, and "Doodle Dolls," made of yarn and a few pieces of felt.  Neat boxes, but the actual dolls must have been a disappointment to any kid who was hoping to have a Kukla or Ollie puppet to play with.