RCA Promotional Brochures

These two pieces were created by RCA Victor to sell the show (and television sets, of course). 

The first is a rare eight page foldout that appeared around May of 1949 (this copy was marked "Gimbels Electric City, December 9, 1950").  It documents the move of KFO from WBKB to WNBQ (the Chicago NBC affiliate) as occurring on June 13, 1949 - strange, since the show began airing on the Midwest NBC network on Nov. 29, 1948, and was transmitted to the East Coast starting on Jan. 12, 1949.  Looks like WBKB maintained the right to air the show locally even after it began its national broadcast.  Note the "Big or Little" in the title, and how many more comments come from "Grownups" as opposed to "Children."  Even the children's comments refer to their parents - NBC is clearly not marketing it as a children's show.

The second is a 16 page stapled booklet that appeared sometime later, as it shows significantly more stations airing the show.