In addition to their TV work, the Kuklapolitans had a busy recording career.  Scroll down to hear samples from a few of their records, along with radio and TV appearances.   (Many thanks to Brian and Mike for the sound transfers.)

Also included on this page is a rare treat: excerpts from Burr's never-released last project, "The Dragon Who Lived Downstairs."   Enjoy this exclusive presentation, courtesy of its co-producer, Rich Maisel - thanks, Rich!
You'll need RealPlayer for some of these files.


Here We Are  -  Mr. K and Mr. O  -  Hello, Cutie!

Am I Getting Through to You?
Take A Look At Me / Kook-la, Frahn and O-lée

Dragon Retreat


Two complete shows from WBKB:

Doloras and Ollie (November 26, 1954)

Fletcher's Thanksgiving (November 29, 1954) 


You're All The World To Me
Guppy Gavott
Cherry Pies Ought To Be You

All Hail Television
Speak A Word Of Love
I Feel A Song Coming On / Great Guns

Love is Here to Stay

The Kuklapolitans with Studs Terkel

Kukla's Secret
Ollie & Public Relations
Mrs. Dragon
Doloras, Col. Crackie, Madame O and Buelah
Fletcher Rabbit on ZPG

Fran discusses KFO, in 1972


It Feels More Like Home
Mildred meets Dorchester Dragon
Laugh at Yourself
Burr tells how the book came to be, and
How Fran got to know the Kuklapolitans



Tooie Talk   Sung by Cecil Bill and Fran Allison

The Cuckoo   Sung by Kukla


Kukla, Fran and Ollie at the Fair

Read the Storybook

Banbury Cross

Little Jack Horner, Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue

Old King Cole

Read the Storybook

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The Two Of You 

Sung by Nancy Dussault, Kukla and Ollie


Burr's Final Recording

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