Unlike other puppet shows, Kukla, Fran and Ollie never put much effort into marketing toys of the characters.  Burr had a bad licensing experience in the early 1950s when a company produced inferior replicas of his characters. They were so bad that Burr swore there would never be anything else ever made.  His "kids" were too real to him, and the thought of walking into a toy store and seeing shelves of Kukla puppets was something he couldn't bear.  In fact, there were very few KFO products of any kind - no lunchboxes, greeting cards, calendars, etc., were ever sold.

When the show returned to the air in 1961, Burr began to appreciate the value of merchandising and found ways to market toys.   I've been able to find a few of them - if you know of more, please drop me a note.   (And many thanks to Jim Engel for the great KFO drawing above!)


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Cardboard Theater

Ice Cream Spoons



Board Game

Blow-up Dolls

Metal Tapping Kit

Halloween Costumes

Counterfeit Ollie

Davis Toys


Coloring Book

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Tru-Vue 3D Card

Toy TV Viewer


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