One of the toys brought out in conjunction with the "Kukla and Ollie" show in the early 60s.  Nice cover, but the gameboard itself is a bit of a letdown.  And the game rules are incredibly complex - here's an example:

"When two or more pieces, regardless of color, are abreast in the same row or starting line, then the number of squares to be moved is determined by adding together the numbers on all the pieces in that row or starting line.  For example:  If the Red 2, the Green 3, the Blue 4 and the Yellow 4 were all abreast in one row, or starting line, the player whose turn it is is entitled to move his piece 13 squares as this represents the total count of all the pieces on this row before he starts his move."

Sounds like Fletcher Rabbit was moonlighting for Parker Brothers!



Roll your cursor over a Cue card.