Tom Mix TV Viewer

After years of being unable to afford one of these plastic viewers (the Tom Mix fans jack the price up too high for this humble KFO collector), I found one at a reasonable cost  - though slightly more than the 20¢ it cost originally!


It was a premium offered in 1949, and came in the two styles seen below.  It's very tiny - about 1¼ by ¾ inches.  The picture discs are about the size of a contact lens, but seen with the viewer they're suprisingly clear and readable.  The topics range from Tom Mix, Lou Costello, the Marx Brothers, Fighter Jets, a comic character named "Steve Screwloose," and of course, "Kukla, Fran and Ollie" (going on a picnic).

Here's the best I could do in blowing up the KFO disc: