Throughout the years, Burr created personal Christmas gifts for friends and family.  The graphic below appears on the cover of a private recording Burr made with Jack and a small combo as a Christmas present for Fran in the early 50s.  He later gave copies of this 12" one-sided 78 rpm record to family, friends and crew, and it was eventually included on the commercially released KFO Christmas album.  Surprisingly, it was pressed by Columbia Records, not Burr's longtime sponsor, RCA Victor.
One of the earliest examples of multi-tracking (pioneered by Les Paul only a few years earlier), it offers the rare treat of hearing all the Kuklapolitans sing together - something they never seemed to do on their show!  Click on the record label to hear them.

This same recording was used almost 30 years later on the Carpenters Christmas TV special.

A few years later, Burr gave engraved Zippo lighters to friends.  The one on the right was presented to the show's cameraman, Bruce Berquist, as was the record above.  Thanks, Bruce!

This Christmas greeting, from 1947, was one of a series of portraits by an unknown artist.

Both the record cover above and the cards below utilized the services of KFO's artist-in-residence, Ted Drake.  I'm not sure of the years, but 1950 - 53 is a good guess.

The card below is from 1956, and is signed "M. Hoff"