Here's a note from a KFO fan who graciously shared the following letter with the Kuklapolitan Website.  Thanks, James!


This letter was written to my grandmother, Dorothy Walworth Crowell - a novelist and journalist who wrote about Burr in the Reader's Digest.  They instantly became friends, and Burr even traveled to her house - along with Fran, Kukla and Ollie - to give a private birthday show for my brother.   Burr also showed his friendship by naming Ollie's "Aunt Dorothy" after my grandmother (although you never actually saw this Kuklapolitan character - Ollie would only talk about his Aunt Dorothy).   Burr's letter is filled with many insightful details about his early days in television, along with many charming and humorous references to his "kids" - Kukla and Ollie.  I hope you enjoy it.

-- James Wesley Harris
(Background notes: The "Mr. Oursler" that Burr refers to is the famous author Fulton Oursler who wrote "The Greatest Story Ever Told."   "Anthony Abbott" is the pen name used by Oursler for his series of mysteries, which Ollie apparently enjoyed.  The Pump Room is a famous restaurant in Chicago - a favorite haunt of celebrities.)


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