had been snowing all night.  When Kukla got up and looked out the window all he could see was a wonderful, soft bed of snow covering everything. The big snow flakes were still falling gently and he could hardly contain himself. He put on his bathrobe and ran down the hall, shouting.

    “Ollie, Ollie, wake up! Look! It's going to be a perfect Christmas!”  Ollie poked his head out from under the blanket and yawned.

    “What did you say, Kuke?”

    “I said ‘Get up’ and look out the windows!” Ollie opened one eye slowly and jumped out of bed.

    “Oh, Kukla,” he cried, “It’s just like Dragon Retreat! Let’s get out the sleds. Where are my skis? Let’s make a snow man!”

    Well, in no time at all they were bundled up and ready for a snow fight before breakfast.  They had just started out the door when Madame Ooglepuss stopped them in the hall.

    “Boys! Boys!” she said. “You can’t go out now. Tonight is dress rehearsal for the Kuklapolitan Glee Club, Acappella Choir and Strolling Choral Society.  I don’t want you to get all worn out playing in the snow. You must stay inside and rest and practice your songs.”

    “But Madame Ooglepuss
” began Ollie.

    “Never mind,” she cut in. “If you want to be in the Strolling Choral Society, you’ll have to listen to your director.”
    Well, it was a pretty hard day for all the Kuklapolitans. The snow was so inviting but after all Madame Ooglepuss was the director and they all stayed inside. The house was filled with ‘do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti and do.’  You could  hear Fletcher’s voice coming from the mail room as he put Christmas seals on the cards going out that day. Ollie gave out with ‘Deck the Halls with Holly’ as he helped Fran with the dishes.  Buelah Witch’s soprano came rolling out of the shower. Doloras almost choked on her breakfast as she tried to sing while Fran was feeding her. The day seemed awfully long without being able to go outside but even so everyone had worked up an appetite by dinner time. When only a light salad was served there were some pretty sharp remarks passed around the table but Madame Ooglepuss said they mustn’t eat too much or they couldn’t sing and everyone wanted to sing well. Finally the dinner dishes were done and Madame Ooglepuss came into the kitchen with a beautiful smile on her face.

    “I’ve an announcement,” she said. “You’ve all been so good about waiting and staying inside that I have decided we’ll hold the rehearsal out in the yard. The snow is just right for the acoustical effect we want.”

    The Kuklapolitans moved so fast you would have thought the dam had burst.  Ollie dived into the cedar chest for his muffler and nearly swallowed a half-dozen moth balls.  Kukla put on his stocking cap so hard it nearly came down over his nose.  Colonel Crackie was the first one out.  His glasses frosted up and he almost fell down the front steps. It was a beautiful night, quiet and still and the starlight sparkled on the clean white snow.  Each Kuklapolitan was ready for a fine rehearsal.  None of them had ever been in better voice and all  were bursting with energy. They stood just under the eaves with song books opened to ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing.’  Madame Ooglepuss raised her baton and full, loud and clear rang the first ‘Hark.’  They never got to the ‘herald angels’ because the voices were so fine they brought the house down – well, not quite the house but all the snow that had drifted on the roof.  Of course, that ended the rehearsal regardless of Madame Ooglepuss and her entreaties.  The evening ended up in a wonderful snow fight with a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire afterwards.  Fran started to hum one of their favorite carols and soon they all joined in.  Even Madame Ooglepuss had to admit they sounded better that way.  And they all knew it was because the Kuklapolitans were having fun.