Oliver Jethro Dragon III

There are many sides to Ollie's character, as anyone knows atter watching the show for more than 30 seconds.  There is Ollie the Actor, Ollie the Baritone, the Impetuous Ollie, Ollie the Printer, and the Shy Ollie. Here we find two diverse sides of this great personality: Ollie, the Reporter, interviewing Ollie, the Man--or Dragon. This may seem quite a trick to you, but if you think it can't be done, you don't know our boy.


An Interview by Ollie.

Question (by Ollie):  Mr. Dragon, what is your basic position with the Kuklapolitan Players?

Answer (by Ollie):  I'm glad you asked that.  I handle most of the dramatic roles and all major singing parts.  I serve as counsellor for the Troupe, and arrange business affairs. I advise Fran and Mme. Ooglepuss on their clothes, and supervise Doloras' feeding.  Cecil Bill depends on me for guidance in staging.  I also am treasurer of the organization.  Which reminds me, would you care for a chocolate soda?

A.--Don't mind if I do.  We can continue our interview over the ice cream.


Q.--That was delicious.  Do you always eat three chocolate sodas at one sitting?

A.--I once ate seven.

Q.--Is that what put out your fire?

A.--(Ollie glares indignantly and draws self up to full stature.  He weighs each word carefully).  My branch of the dragon family breathed the hottest fires known to dragondom. My family's fire was extinguished when my great great great great grandfather Leander J. Dragon was swimming tile Hellespont. The column of steam that went up was so huge it was seen 83 miles in the Turkish mainland.  I wouldn't mention chocolate sodas in the same breath with the Hellespont.

Q.--What are some or the most famous roles you have played?

A.--Julius Caesar, Julius Glockenspeil, Santa Claus, the Spirit of the West, John Silver, Peter Pan, Moby Dick, Dink Stover, Abraham Lincoln, Casey Jones, Hamlet, and the Voice of the Turtle.  I might aim to add at this point that I have one entire side of a record in the excellent album, "Happy Mother Goose."  I am aided in the rest of the album by my regular assistants, Kukla and Fran.