Here is Kukla, who gave the Troupe its name.  Kukla, who handles all the worrying, who pays Buelah's traffic tickets, sees that Doloras gets her baths, soothes
Mme. Ooglepuss' ruffled feelings, interprets Cecil Bill's union rules, straightens out Ollie's bookkeeping, helps Mercedes with her homework, holds a timer on Col. Crackle's introductions, listens to Fletcher, and warns Ollie when Miss Coo Coo gets near.  Kukla is the guiding spirit of the Kuklapolitan Troupe.  He has been with Manager Burr Tillstrom since the 30's, and always has been particularly close to BT.  There is no one quite like Kukla.  He is . . . well, he's Kukla.