If you need help downloading and installing RealPlayer, here's a guide for Windows users.  I'll go through each step, for people who have never done a download before. has made installing their player much easier, and you can use it at many websites, so it's worth the effort.  Mac users can go to the site below, or here to download the player directly.

1. When you go to the RealPlayer page, you'll be given the option of getting the free RealPlayer, or the Premium Player for a monthly fee.  If you want the free version, click on the link I've circled in red, not  "Try RadioPass Free."
2. Click on "Start RealPlayer Download." 
    This will download a small program that will control the larger download.
3. During the download, you'll get security warnings - just click "Run" to continue the download.

4. Once the download is done, RealPlayer will automatically install itself. will make lots of pitches for you to pay for their service, but the basic player is entirely free.
5. Once the player is installed, you'll probably need to restart your computer. 
    Then you can watch and listen to the Kuklapolitans!

If you still have problems, email me and I'll help.

 Click here to go to the RealPlayer download page.